A Comprehensive Guide to Klaviyo Pricing

As businesses strive to evolve in the digital age, understanding Klaviyo’s pricing model can help take your e-commerce business to greater heights. This detailed breakdown of Klaviyo Pricing will open paths to better decision-making for your business.

Breaking Down Klaviyo Pricing

Klaviyo has a distinctive pricing structure designed with flexibility in mind for businesses of all sizes. It operates on a ‘pay-as-you-grow’ model, appealing to a broad range of online enterprises.

To understand Klaviyo’s pricing, businesses must first understand how the platform counts contacts. If you have a user subscribed to multiple lists, they’re counted as a single contact. However, if a user unsubscribes, they’re still calculated within the contact count while ‘suppressed contacts’ are not.

Pricing Tiers

The price hinges on the number of contacts in your account. At a fundamental level, a business can acquire up to 250 contacts for free: an excellent opportunity for startups testing the email marketing waters. As your contact list grows, the pricing adjusts according to the volume of contacts.

Pricing Breakdown

It is vital to break down the cost of running Klaviyo for a clearer picture of its efficiency. Here’s how:

Klaviyo Free Plan

If a business has merely 501-1000 contacts, it’s would cost around $20 per month. This plan would typically include email support, up to 500 email sends, and the standard Klaviyo marketing features such as segmentation, integrations, customization, and reports.

Klaviyo Monthly Plan

For larger businesses with about 5000 contacts, Klaviyo charges $100 per month, translating to 42 cents per contact per year. This plan includes live chat and email support, ideal for those requiring over 25,000 email sends, alongside the standard features.

Klaviyo Annual Plan

In the case of having 15,001-20,000 contacts, Klaviyo would save you money by opting for an annual plan, billed at $1400 per month – translating to 84 cents per contact per year.

Is Klaviyo Worth the Cost?

The prospect of investing in Klaviyo must be underlined by measuring the return on investment (ROI). It is a potent tool armed with high-performing features and robust integrations that can help create successful email campaigns, which will ultimately align with your marketing goals.

While it is pricier compared to its counterparts, it excels at providing real-time data analytics, customization, segmentation, automation, and personalized touch to e-commerce marketing.

Demystifying Additional Costs

However, it’s crucial to understand that Klaviyo’s pricing may involve ‘hidden costs.’ Companies must bear in mind that despite lower upfront prices, third-party integrations may require additional amounts. Larger companies may also encounter increased monthly prices due to customer support and API access.

Minimizing Costs: Tips and Tricks

To attain maximum benefits from the rich features that Klaviyo offers, remember:

  • Regularly clean your email lists to reduce the number of contacts.
  • Invest time in learning Klaviyo’s capabilities, as doing so can enhance your marketing strategies.
  • Capitalize on extensive customer data by using their segmentation feature.
  • Look into Klaviyo’s educational resources to maximize your ROI.


Klaviyo’s pricing model‘s complexity must be looked past for its actual benefits — a dynamic email marketing tool. Its scalability is an unmatched advantage for growing businesses. Yes, it comes at a price, but the cost is worthwhile for those prepared to employ the high-level features it offers to enhance their email marketing.

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